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Take The Damri Airport Bus From Jakarta’s Airport
Published By Dodolbete on 2012-01-19 1397 Views

One of the reason why you’d better not taking a cab from Bandara Soekarno Hatta (that’s how we call that airport here) is that sometimes the driver wouldn’t willing to turn on their Argo meter (taxi meter), so they can ask for more money.

I wish you are lucky enough to have someone to pick and drive you up from/to Soekarno Hatta International Airport to/from Jakarta and Jakarta Greater Areas. But if you’re not, you can take this bus instead of Taxi.

Bis DAMRI (the DAMRI airport bus) is the cheapest public transportation you can take from Bandara Soekarno Hatta to several locations in Jakarta. You can take the bus by paying for a one way travel to the on-board bus attendant. The bus is air conditioned, good enough for a cheapest option.

Arriving passenger can just step outside of the building and wait for the bus, for every 15 – 60 minutes interval DAMRI bus would stop in front of each terminal. Find the DAMRI sign and its route to make sure that you are going with the right bus. The DAMRI buses operate between 04.00 AM-19.00 PM, so if your arrival time is not within those hours, you would have to take a cab, for taxi are available 24 hours.


Here are the Damri’s last destination/pick-up points points from Soekarno Hatta International Airport, along with the prices to pay:

Jakarta Northern Areas:

· Tanjung Priok (Tanjung Priok Bus Terminal) ~ IDR. 20.000


Jakarta Central Areas:

· Gambir (Gambir Train/Railway Station) ~ IDR 20.000

· Kemayoran (DAMRI Bus Terminal Kemayoran) ~ IDR 20.000


Jakarta Southern Areas:

· Blok M (Plaza Blok M/SMA 6) ~ IDR 20.000

· Lebak Bulus (Lebak Bulus Bus Terminal) ~ IDR 20.000

· Pasar Minggu (Pasar Minggu Bus Terminal) ~ IDR 20.000


Jakarta Eastern Areas:

· Rawamangun (Rawamangun Bus Terminal) ~ IDR 20.000

· Kampung Rambutan (Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal) ~ IDR 20.000



· Bekasi (Giant Bekasi/Kayuringin Sub Terminal) ~ IDR 30.000

· Harapan Indah (~ IDR 30.000

· Cikarang (Plaza Cikarang Baru/Jababeka) ~ IDR 35.000



· Bogor (IPB/Botanical Square) ~ IDR 35.



· Serang-Banten (Serang Bus Terminal) ~ IDR 30.000

Read more: http://trifter.com/asia-pacific/take-the-damri-airport-bus-from-jakartas-airport/#ixzz1jxfTrADs

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